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The source of this sample program is included in the GtkSpell distribution.

GtkSpell provides word-processor-style highlighting and replacement of misspelled words in a GtkTextView widget. Right-clicking a misspelled word pops up a menu of suggested replacements.

GtkSpell depends on:

GtkSpell is a library and is mostly of interest to GTK programmers. The 3.x version includes python bindings through GObject-introspection typelibs as well as Vala bindings. C++ bindings are available through the gtkspellmm package. Python bindings for the legacy 2.x version are availble in GnomePythonExtras.


The latest version is 3.0.9, released on 2016-08-08 (README, ChangeLog). This release supports both GTK+ 2 and GTK+ 3 and is not API-compatible with the 2.x release.
3.0.9 Source Tarball

The latest version of the gtkspell-3.x C++ bindings is 3.0.5, released on 2016-08-08 (NEWS).
3.0.5. Source Tarball

The latest legacy (GTK+ 2 only) 2.x version is 2.0.16, released on 2009-10-22.
2.0.16 Source Tarball

Binary packages are likely available through the repositories of your distribution.


Tutorials and API reference:


You can browse the SourceForge project page, including the Git repositories for GtkSpell and GtkSpellmm.


There have been some concerns about patent violations. Let me address them individually:

Thanks to Mattias From for the research on this.